Kevin Owens' Response To Sami Zayn's Emotional Promo At WWE House Show In Montreal (Video) -

Kevin Owens’ Response To Sami Zayn’s Emotional Promo At WWE House Show In Montreal (Video)

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn headlined the Raw brand house show in Montreal on Friday. After, Zayn cut the following promo before Owens could get to the back.

“Hey, no, no, no. Hey, Kevin: I’ve got something to say. Everybody here knows exactly how long the story between you and me goes. It started 14 years ago in Montreal. In every church basement, in every community hall, it was you and me, you and me, until we took it to the U.S., until we took it to England, until we took it all around the world until now where we’re the main event in Montreal in the Bell Centre. … Now listen, I don’t like Kevin Owens, that’s not a secret, right? But it sounds to me like a lot of you people do like Kevin Owens. Listen, I may not like you, I don’t; I haven’t for a very long time. But after what we just went through I have to say that I do respect you. … So I might not like you but me and these people, in this ring, I give you respect.”

As you can see, it moved Owens to tears. Then he quieted the crowd just long enough to say, in French:

“Sami, I hate you.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured as much,” Sami responded. He finished by saying “I don’t know what I’m doing at WrestleMania but for me, this was WrestleMania.”