Lita Calls Greatest Royal Rumble A ‘Direct Conflict Of Interest’ -

Lita Calls Greatest Royal Rumble A ‘Direct Conflict Of Interest’


Amy “Lita” Dumas is the first female WWE Hall of Famer to criticize WWE for putting on a show in Saudi Arabia where women weren’t allowed to wrestle. She thinks it’s a “direct conflict of interest.”

During an interview promoting a new online show hosts exploring UFO culture, Dumas was asked to give her opinion on the Greatest Royal Rumble.

“I understand that they are a business, a global business, and always looking to expand their global presence. However, I do feel it’s a direct conflict of interest with them maintaining any integrity or truth to the fact that they say they would like to push forward women and their roles and their representation in the industry as anything remotely resembling an equal to a male,” Dumas said.

She continued, “Make the money, that’s fine, but don’t try to cover it up and be like, “No, we are doing this because we would like to in the future be able to help progress their culture forward!” No, you wanted the money and that’s fine. You’re a business and businesses make money. That’s okay. From your perspective over there, I don’t own your business, so that’s ok. But, from a PR perspective, don’t try to be like “We’re doing it because we want to help progress that culture forward.” No, it’s a direct conflict of interest, in my opinion.”

You can check out the interview here, begins at 21:00.

Here is a preview of the UFO show she hosts.