Cardi B Says She Used To Watch WWE, Names Her Favorite Wrestlers

Eddie Guerrero

Cardi B is drawing attention from the WWE Universe after admitting that she used to be a wrestling fan.

A few weeks ago, the Grammy Award-winning rapper responded to a fan on Twitter who made a joke about WWE by referencing the late Eddie Guerrero.

The 26-year-old responded to a fan question today asking how she knows about Guerrero by saying that she used to watch wrestling. Her favorite wrestlers were Guerrero, Booker T, Batista, Triple H, Edge, Lita, The Undertaker and Kane.

Cardi B indicated that she was a fan of mid-2000s WWE as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin retired (in 2003) by the time she started watching.

Carmella mentioned to Cardi B that the ring gear she wore last night on SmackDown LIVE is based on the Privacy album cover.

Her tweets also caught the attention of Booker T, Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler.