Marty Jannetty Responds To Stories Saying That He Wants To Sleep With His "Daughter" -

Marty Jannetty Responds To Stories Saying That He Wants To Sleep With His “Daughter”

Marty Jannetty

Former WWE star Marty Jannetty was left red-faced after hackers got into his Facebook account and made a post about his offspring.

Jannetty, best known as one-half of The Rockers alongside Shawn Michaels, made the furious remark after an earlier post appeared to show him expressing an unhealthy interest in a woman identified as his non-biological daughter.

The offending post claimed that Jannetty had discovered his once-estranged daughter was not biologically related to him and that now he wanted to sleep with her because ‘SHES F***N HOTT,’ according to the New York Post.

The hacked post, which featured a photograph of Jannetty’s daughter, Bianca Marchionni, read: ‘If you loves me as much as I loves you, you will give your opinion.

‘Just did DNA(2 weeks ago)..she’s NOT my daughter..we both held out of sex because you don’t do that..but now we ain’t????

‘From a guys side ..SHES F***N HOTT..but..she’s been daugher [sic].. I want to too, but can’t get past that.’

In a post made late Thursday afternoon, Jannetty furiously denied the claims.

“BREAKING NEWS FOR ALL MEDIA!!! NO SEX WITH DAUGHTERS!!! (I put that 2nd line in to grab your attention as you need to see whats going on with this) : I will be limiting what I say here due to attorney’s advice & lawsuits in progress.

“Several major newspapers in major cities in America(and countries, Canada, Australia & the UK, so far) have recently written articles on me about my daughter, suggesting we wanted to have sex together. Well please share this and write an article about this(as I know you won’t because it’s not something negative on me) ITS FAKE NEWS!!

“My site was hacked or it came from a fake account, which Im constantly having Facebook remove them. (Had been hacked 7 times b4 since on FB) All the newspapers other than the NY Post(I think thats the one)(its definitely a top NY paper though) have written the article AS FACT. The NY Post did say at the end of the article that they didnt know if the story was true or hacked. BUT, they wrote it anyway. This morning I found a big piece of evidence where this came from.

“I always tell my people on Facebook about losing my phones which happens a lot(Dude, where’s my phone) Well heres how I know a recent one was stolen and not lost. I got up this morning and saw my phone had 8 FB messages that came in from 4:30am when I went to bed and 8:30am when I woke up. I checked into them and they were all people asking why I looked so sad. There was a pic sent to many people in my FB messenger of me>>looking horrible!!! IT TOLD ON THE CULPRIT! The picture is of me close up and wearing my reading glasses and looking tired as can be(which I was) BUT, that pic came while I was setting up Skype and didnt mean to take a selfie, evidently I touched a wrong place.

“But I saved that pic to THAT PHONE to occasionally look and remind myself Im getting real old. Point being, it was saved to that STOLEN phone. Not FB, not my laptop, tablet or computer. JUST THAT PHONE. AndI always leave my FB open on my phone so that person was able to go all through my FB account. That person must hate me. Why else would they do that crap to me? My biggest disappointment is no one(that saw it) caught on that it was obviously fake and at least ASKED me about it rather than take it as true. EXCEPT, for a few on my fan page. Thats how I originally found out about it.

“Its a 6 weeks old thing that I was keeping quiet about so as not to harm the investigation. BUT recently,for some odd reason, newspapers are suddenly reporting on it.(we know why) But NOW you all know the REAL on this. Sorry Bianca AND Wendy that y’all are getting dragged into my messes. I love yall, this will be fixed!!”