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Seth Rollins

Followers of Seth Rollins have, for years, been predicting big things for the lanky Iowa native once he arrived in WWE, and he proved them right as a member of The Shield alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

Rollins, real name Colby Lopez, made his professional wrestling debut at the age of 17 in 2003 for Scott County Wrestling (SCW) - he competed under the name Gixx. As Tyler Black, he went on to run the ropes for All-American Wrestling in Chicago, Illinois, Independent Wrestling Association (IWA) Mid-South, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (alongside Jeff Luxon, Black fell to Hernandez and Homicide at the September 25, 2006 iMPACT! taping) and even MTV's bizarre Wrestling Society X experiment. (Continue Reading ») | (Photo Gallery »)

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On September 15, 2007, Black made his Ring of Honor debut as a member of heel faction The Age of the Fall. He recieved a credibility boost on March 16, 2008 when, aged just 21, he a stunning super-competitive match with ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness. More stature-enhancers with Bryan Danielson (now Daniel Bryan) and the Briscoes combined with his advancement as a worker convinced ROH bigwigs that he was heavyweight title material. The decision was made. On February 13, 2010, Black beat Austin Aries for the ROH World Championship at the organization's eighth anniversary show in New York City.

Some ROH supporters disagreed with management's selection of Black as Aries' successor and booed the 23-year-old in matches against Roderick Strong and Davey Richards. When it was confirmed in August of that year that Black had signed a developmental contract with WWE, while still recognized as champion, he was officially named public enemy number one in Ring of Honor. He reported to WWE's developmental program in Tampa, Florida after dropping the ROH World Championship in a No Disqualification match to Strong.

For Black, Ring of Honor was just a stepping stone to a larger league, as it is for many professional wrestlers. Incidentally, Black was offered a contract by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2010, but declined because he aspired to work for the premiere wrestling organization in the United States. He didn't take the jeers personally. Even at such a young age, he was cognizant of the big picture many fans and even some wrestlers either cannot or do not wish to see.

Speaking to a wrestling publication on March 31, 2010, less than two months into his reign as ROH World Champion, Black remarked, "Some fans don't understand [the financial] part of wrestling: they think wrestlers sell out when they go to work for a bigger company. But we don't get retirement plans. We've got to make our money when we can."

On February 23, 2012, Rollins defeated Leo Kruger to become the Florida Heavyweight Champion. Months later, he was promoted to the main WWE roster.

After biding his time in Florida Championship Wrestling for a little over two years, Rollins, alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, debuted for WWE in the closing moments of the main event of Survivor Series on November 18, 2012. Attacking one third of the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, Ryback, their motivations were initially unclear. Declaring themselves as The Shield, they explained themselves as as not being associates of WWE Champion CM Punk, but as some sort of balancing act that went about righting wrongs.

Positioned as villains, The Shield immediately felt more significant than the average newcomers in WWE. Eventually, it was revealed that they had been paid to do Paul Heyman's dirty work, but crucially, had no allegiance to him. Their goal was self-service, and their pay-off to simply make their mark.

Entering through the crowd, from high up in the bleachers, was a fine way to distinguish the act, adding an element of danger and rebellious edge. The apparently self-filmed backstage vignettes, during which the camera would often be left on the ground following a well-spoken onslaught of threats, also felt contemporary. Their black protective vests and militant garments made The Shield feel like a splinter group who could rock the establishment.

In the ensuing months, The Shield has maintained this aura by keeping up the organized chaos. The group has appeared different to previous heel factions in WWE, and has remained novel despite dozens of matches on television and pay-per-view.

Those familiar with Rollins' work as Tyler Black, particularly as he was en route to the ROH World Championship. will be all too aware of his potential as a top-tier babyface in WWE. Dynamic, innovative and unpredictable, he has always been capable of playing an underdog, too. Of late, WWE has really allowed him to flourish in the ring: on the March 24 edition of Raw, for example, Rollins was the star of a fearsome Shield contest with Jack Swagger and Cesaro. Mixing up his usual high-spots, he delivered his dives seamlessly, raising the crowd to its feet. It was apparent that while Reigns is being groomed as the star attraction, and Ambrose has something unique and intangible, right now Rollins is the one exploding out of the gate.

"Seth has all the tools to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion," enthused "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne, who first met Rollins around the age of 17, when both grapplers were working independent shows in the Midwestern United States. "I think a build for him, one day as the Intercontinental and/or United States Champion would be good. He's a creative guy in terms of the moves he can perform, and the knowledge he has inside of the ring. I can see him doing a few more daredevil matches, like TLC or Ladder matches, that would steal the show. He's got youth and time on his side. I'd love to see him have a WrestleMania moment of capturing gold there."

For Your Information - Seth Rollins

  • Nude Photos Of Seth Rollins Surface Online: On the night of February 9, 2015, nude photos of Seth Rollins and aspiring WWE Diva Zahra Schreiber surfaced on social media in what appeared to be a measure of revenge from a scorned lover of the WWE Superstar.

    A nude selfie of Schreiber, a former professional model and tour manager from Saginaw, Michigan training to be a professional wrestler at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, appeared simultaneously on the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Rollins. The photo also appeared on WWE's official website, which features Rollins' Twitter feed on its profile page on him.

    Shortly thereafter, the WWE Superstar's fiancée, Leighla Schultz, released some risqué photos of the Money in the Bank briefcase holder on her personal Twitter. The scorned ex-fiancée released photos of Rollins’s exposed genitals through the social media platform, giving wrestling fans an intimate glimpse of the WWE competitor. She wrote "Zahara?," misspelling the name of the 28-year-old's apparent mistress.

    Prior to making these shocking posts, Schultz had not posted a message on Twitter in over a year—her last Tweet was sent on December 2013. She also wrote multiple messages on a friend’s Facebook page ridiculing Rollins and quoting remarks the wrestler may have stated to Schreiber, including: “I love you so much baby," “I hate my life and my fiancée" and I just want to run away with you.”

    All of the photos, as well as Schultz' posts on Facebook and Twitter, were deleted. She deleted her account on Twitter the following day.

    Rollins and Schultz had been together since 2009, with the two getting engaged in May 2014. During a January 2015 interview promoting a WWE house show in St. Louis, Missouri at the Scottrade Center, Rollins mentioned Schultz.

    "My status is that I’m engaged. There is a lovely lady that I have my eye on in this real life," Rollins said to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

  • Find Seth Rollins Online: Seth Rollins has made his presence known on social media with accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Fans can keep up with the Iowa native on the microblogging at WWERollins. Fans can also find Rollins on Instagram at wwerollins. He does not have a personal account on Facebook.

    Seth Rollins Was Close To Being Released By WWE

    As surprising as it may be today, one of the members of The Shield was at one point close to being wished well in his future endeavors by WWE.

    In 2013, rumors circulated that all three members of the group - Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins - had developed a degree of backstage heat that could hinder their progress in WWE. Like so many young wrestlers before them who were fast-tracked to WWE stardom, the trio was accused of developing egos and forgetting proper professional wrestling locker room etiquette.

    Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer claimed on Live Audio Wrestling in July that various employees in the sports-entertainment organization had complained to him about the group "taking themselves and their gimmick too seriously." The group, which debuted eight months prior at the Survivor Series, was actually close to not coming into existence at all due to a similar mindset. Rob Naylor, who worked as a creative assistant for WWE's NXT division from 2011 through 2013, recently revealed that a member of the group was on the bubble to be wished well in his future endeavors a few months prior to the angle coming to fruition due to management's negative perception of the individual's real-life character.

    Outside of the ring, Rollins is considered an independent thinker who challenges the status quo, Ambrose can be taken the wrong way and Reigns has a history of personal issues (he was arrested in Florida on June 20, 2010 and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication). Naylor, however, does not believe there's anything for Shield supporters to worry about.

    "I can see why they were perceived that way. I saw Ambrose act kinda foolishly politically on occasion, but he had a 'live by his own rules' kind of mindset. He's a rare renegade in a business that has become very saccharine and milquetoast, in my opinion. He's a cavalier," Naylor said in an interview.

    "Rollins' issues were simply that he didn't always listen precisely to his coaches. He'd be told not to do a move... and then do it. He later would tell the younger talent to just bide your time and listen to what you are told, as once you get the spot you deserve, you'll then have the opportunity for more in-ring latitude, so to speak.

    "I know that while Rollins was in FCW and NXT, people felt at times he had 'behavioral issues'. That was never the case in my estimation. Every coach on the staff was just as hungry at one time, so that was overblown. But he was on the bubble to be let go months prior to the Shield angle, based on the perception of some from the office."

    Thankfully, for all concerned, such drastic measures were avoided, and certainly the proof that this was the correct decision has been borne out in The Shield being a top-level attraction for WWE. The fact that they have also been endorsed by John Cena at recent live events indicates that the roster is equally grateful to have The Shield ready and willing to carry some of the load.

    Seth Rollins To Fail At Cashing In Money In The Bank Due To Nude Photos?

    Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins allegedly caught sexting a WWE NXT Diva trainee

    As we’ve all heard by now, Seth Rollins ran into some controversy last week when nude pictures of Mr. Money in the Bank and an NXT Diva in training were posted online during Raw. Rollins’ social media accounts were allegedly hacked by his fiancee who posted photos of Zahra Schreiber, an ex-model signed to a developmental contract last year. On Twitter, Rollins’ fiancee then responded to Rollins’ tweet with Zahra’s picture with pictures of her own of a nude Seth Rollins.

    It was a big deal for the both of them as Zahra’s image ended up on WWE.com, and it was said to have infuriated WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. While WWE knows Rollins was not behind either picture being leaked online, there is a thought that had Triple H not been there things might have gotten worse for Rollins. However, things may still not go his way.

    Seth Rollins and Leighla Schultz Photos

    It is being said that WWE may have Rollins fail when he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase in the future. It mainly is due to the nude photos going around. This is probably a Vince McMahon thought, but Triple H could end up changing this to allow Rollins a chance at getting the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There is a rumor going around that Rollins could fail and then somehow win the next Money in the Bank match. He would only be the second man to win this match back to back.

    This would allow him to fail and still have a chance at cashing the case in down the line. However, WWE would have to be completely sold on giving Rollins the gold for this to happen.

    Zahra Schreiber Photos

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