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Update On WWE’s Superstar Shake-up – Will It Take Place On SmackDown LIVE?

As Vince McMahon said this past Monday night, “it’s time to shake things up around here,” and on Raw, emanating from the new Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, a Superstar Shake-up will take place will allow representatives from both Raw and SmackDown LIVE to make trades, deals and other moves to bolster their respective rosters.

According to WWE.com’s Raw preview, the Superstar Shake-up will be a two-night event. Therefore, we will see WWE Superstars switch sides on both Raw and SmackDown LIVE.

Here is WWE.com’s preview on how the Superstar Shake-up will impact Raw.

Monday night marks the beginning of the two-night Superstar Shake-up, in which the landscapes of both Raw and SmackDown LIVE will change dramatically. Who will remain on Team Red, and which new Superstars will be added to the Raw roster?

WWE Hall of Famer and newly instated Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has already been in discussion with Team Blue General Manager Daniel Bryan regarding potential Superstar movement. We’ll find out how the “shake-up” affects Team Red on Monday night, with more changes coming to light on Tuesday night during SmackDown LIVE.

Will champions change their brand allegiance? Might Raw newcomers The Revival bring their no-nonsense offense to SmackDown LIVE? Will the returning Emma soon pursue Naomi’s SmackDown Women’s Championship? Could AJ Styles make Raw even more “Phenomenal”? Witness all the chaos unfold Monday night, when The Chairman’s Superstar Shake-up kicks off.