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Was Tom Phillips Really Hurt By Stephanie McMahon On Raw?

WWE stated Tuesday that Tom Phillips did not get injured in the show-closing backstage segment on Raw where Stephanie McMahon slapped him repeatedly. However, according to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon nailed Phillips hard on the first slap and he was legitimately shaken up from it.

The segment has been talked about among people in WWE because the belief is that Phillips was hurt, but he was not selling it since he didn’t speak up about it. Whether he was hurt or not, there was talk about a non-wrestler taking several unnecessary head shots for no reason.

Here is Meltzer’s report on the situation.

The show ended with a frustrated Stephanie McMahon, whose goal on the show was to get back at Reigns, slapping the hell out of announcer Tom Phillips. Phillips got nailed hard on the first slap when Stephanie’s palm nailed him in the temple and was legitimately shaken up. WWE has officially stated there is no injury or issue with Phillips. This has become a talked about issue because there were people who believed Phillips was hurt, that he is no selling it because there is no upside to him saying anything. Whether he was or wasn’t hurt, the complaint was that they had a non-wrestler take several unnecessary head shots for absolutely no reason, and pointed out the dichotomy of HHH being on Chris Nowinski’s concussion board while the company did this segment.