The 24/7 Championship Changed Hands Nine Times At Raw Reunion

Candice Michelle

With so many WWE Legends and Hall of Famers on hand for Raw Reunion, it was all but guaranteed that a few of them would try their hand at the 24/7 Championship. True to form, the returnees did not disappoint as the championship changed hands a total of nine times throughout the night.

First up was Drake Maverick, who pinned R-Truth to win the title after his wife Renee Michelle distracted the titleholder in a backstage confrontation. Maverick later tripped over his own luggage after running afoul of The Boogeyman in the locker room, leaving himself open to a pinfall by Pat Patterson, who became the first Hall of Fame 24/7 Champion. Gerald Brisco relieved his old ally of the title during a commercial break, only to be kneed below the belt and pinned by Kelly Kelly, marking the first female 24/7 Champion.

Kelly was then defeated by Candice Michelle (Melina counted the pin, having apparently earned a referee’s license), but Alundra Blayze swiftly submitted Candice to win the title.

When the Hall of Famer made her way onto the stage and over to the announce desk, she attempted to throw the championship in the trash can — replicating the most infamous moment of her career — but she was stopped at the last moment by “The Million Dollar Man,” who bought the title off of her in an echo of one of his infamous purchases.

Maverick reclaimed the title by apparently pinning DiBiase in his limo, at which point the traditional mob came calling. Maverick evaded his pursuers long enough to return to the limo, where Truth rolled him up (with a timely assist from Carmella) and made his getaway in the limo, with the title — and Renee Michelle — in tow.