A Look At Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

Born into Mexican nobility, Alberto Del Rio is the son of famous luchador Dos Caras, who is linked by blood to Spanish royals Ferdinand and Isabella. Del Rio debuted in WWE in the summer of 2010, where he made an immediate impact on SmackDown.

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About Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

Do you believe in destiny? Alberto Del Rio does.

The son of legendary luchador Dos Caras has professed himself to be a champion in waiting from the very moment he set foot in WWE, taking out beloved high-flyer Rey Mysterio and bullying his way to an astounding list of accolades on the back of his technical prowess and classically-honed skills. By the time the WWE Universe had blinked, Del Rio was a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a Money in the Bank contract winner and the last man in the ring of the biggest Royal Rumble Match of all time.

Even a sabbatical from WWE couldn’t throw “The Essence of Excellence” off his guard. Del Rio’s return in 2015 at Hell in a Cell resulted in the immediate termination of John Cena‘s United States Championship reign.

He unites nations, he wins titles and he breaks arms — and that’s just a light day’s work for Del Rio. Only further greatness awaits down the road. But of course, you already know that.