AJ Lee Isn’t Closing The Door On A Wrestling Return, Talks Rise Of Women’s Wrestling

AJ Lee

April Mendez Brooks (a/k/a AJ Lee) is experiencing a monumental new chapter in her career. The former WWE Superstar recently released her first book, Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules, which is currently doing a promotional blitz across the United States and is also now a New York Times Best Seller.

If the world denies your value, consider that a challenge. When I was a homeless kid dreaming about applying to a prestigious college, people doubted me. And that motivated me to get accepted. When I was a frail “homely” looking girl dreaming about joining the ranks of giants and supermodels in pro wrestling, people doubted me. And that motivated me to become a champion. When I was an athlete dreaming about being taken seriously as a writer, people doubted me. And though there have always been doubters, YOU- my wonderful weirdoes- have supported me every step of the way. You believed in me and took every leap of faith by my side. And that’s why I am so proud to share the news that YOU have made #CrazyIsMySuperpower a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER in its first week! Because of your support this nerd (whose only real skills have ever been running her mouth, beating FFX2 with the 100% ending, and wearing the hell out of jean shorts) is now a bestselling author! Thank you to @CrownPublishing, @AshantiAkabusi, Lisa Leshne, @JulieKlam @DeedeeDebartlo and all of my wonderful weirdoes for helping me make an impossible dream a reality. And thank you to the doubters. As long as you’re around, I’ll always have someone to prove wrong. -AJ

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But, what may excite AJ fans more is the possibility of the three-time Divas Champion returning to the ring.

During an interview promoting her book with CBS Sports, she was asked if fans will ever see AJ Lee back in a wrestling ring.

She said, “I never would say that because I’ve personally said never to things before and done them. But I am so happy where I am right now and I feel like I had such a pitch-perfect career that I would be nervous about tarnishing that. I feel like it’s kind of full-circle and perfect for exactly what I wanted. But who knows?”

But, there’s certainly one thing that AJ knows and that’s the anxiety she doesn’t miss feeling during WrestleMania season.

“The really interesting thing about WrestleMania is that it is such a spectacle that you can’t absorb it when it’s happening. It’s this blur of a memory also because it was 10 seconds long or something like that; I think I was a manager at that time. It was such a short match and there were so many people. The matches I probably remember the least were my four WrestleManias. They just go by in a panic. Everyone waits for that moment and then it just passes you by so fast. I was really lucky. I think one of the WrestleManias I was the only woman on the show in New Jersey and I’m from New Jersey so that was really special.”

She adds, “Oh, God the fear! I don’t miss the fear!”

When asked about the increased emphasis on women’s wrestling due to the Women’s Revolution AJ says:

“That makes my heart swell. That’s all I ever wanted for the industry while I was there and for all the wonderful women after I was gone. There are a lot of really great girls who are still there that I was really fortunate enough to work with or have their tryout matches. I just want the best for them and I’m so happy that they’re getting their time. That’s all that we could ever hope or fight for. I’m so proud of them. I hope they’re also getting paid as much as the guys since they’re seen as just as important. I hope that they’re also getting paid because that’s half the battle, honestly.”

You can check out the interview here.