AJ Styles on His WrestleMania Debut, Facing Roman Reigns for the WWE World Title, Chris Jericho, More

AJ Styles

– As seen above, this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features AJ Styles. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks Styles about the past three months since he debuted in WWE at the Royal Rumble. Styles says no one expected this to happen and for it to happen this fast is unbelievable. Debuting at the Rumble, beating Chris Jericho on RAW, debuting at Madison Square Garden, then WrestleMania 32. Styles asks if it gets much better than that and says it does because now he’s the #1 contender to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns

* Cole says AJ wanted to have his WrestleMania moment and did in Dallas, asking if it was everything he expected. Styles says it was everything and more. To see the sea of people was indescribable. Styles says he’s wrestled all over the world and nothing can compare to WrestleMania

* Cole mentions how Jericho had Styles’ number at WrestleMania but he bounced back on RAW and became the #1 contender. Styles says the great thing about losing is that you learn to hate it. Styles says that won’t be the last time he loses but he did beat Jericho, along with Cesaro and Kevin Owens, the next night. Styles says it was emotional for him and admits his eyes were watering up. He gets emotional again when talking about fans chanting “you deserve it” at him

* Cole says Styles earned it and now he’s going to face the champion. Cole says we’ve never seen Styles face someone with the size and power of Reigns. Styles says there’s no doubt he can handle Reigns, he’s handled guys as big as Reigns outside of WWE before. He says there’s no one like Reigns and that’s kind of scary, but that’s a good thing. Styles says you have to make everything count in the ring with a guy like Reigns and he’s prepared for that. Styles says he knows Reigns has a chip on his shoulder but his job is to knock that chip off

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