Alberto Del Rio Enjoying His Time In India

Alberto Del Rio

Day number 2 in this amazing place #india #paradise #sisisi #wwepromotionaltour #bangalore Día numero 2 en este paradisiaco lugar, el hotel en esta ciudad es como de película

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About Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

Do you believe in destiny? Alberto Del Rio does.

The son of legendary luchador Dos Caras has professed himself to be a champion in waiting from the very moment he set foot in WWE, taking out beloved high-flyer Rey Mysterio and bullying his way to an astounding list of accolades on the back of his technical prowess and classically-honed skills. By the time the WWE Universe had blinked, Del Rio was a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a Money in the Bank contract winner and the last man in the ring of the biggest Royal Rumble Match of all time.

Even a sabbatical from WWE couldn’t throw “The Essence of Excellence” off his guard. Del Rio’s return in 2015 at Hell in a Cell resulted in the immediate termination of John Cena‘s United States Championship reign.

He unites nations, he wins titles and he breaks arms — and that’s just a light day’s work for Del Rio. Only further greatness awaits down the road. But of course, you already know that.