Alberto El Patron Says He Apologized To Triple H For His Past Rants, Blames Paige For Them

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

After a 2017 full of videos featuring Alberto El Patron making fun of Triple H’s nose (and other body parts), challenging The New Day to shoot fights and alleging WWE was underpaying performers, undermining his personal life and more, the Impact Wrestling star says he’s made peace with the company where he worked as Alberto Del Rio. What’s more, he expects to return after his current deal is up and before he retires.

In a Spanish-language interview with Medio Tiempo, El Patron said:

“As you guys know, I’m a stand-up guy and I know when I’ve made a mistake. I’ve been in touch with them – everyone knows about my beef with Triple H – and I’m one of those guys who admits my mistakes… when it first came out I admitted my mistake and I apologized to Triple H for the issues we had when I was with my ex-girlfriend. She and her whole family made me believe that the ones who were influencing our relationship were them, specifically him. She made me believe that the videos and everything that was out there were because of Triple H and the company. At the time I believed her because she was my girlfriend, obviously, I defended her tooth and nail.

“The truth of what happened was totally different, so I had to apologize to him and his family and they understood.

“With Vince, everyone knows I’ve always had a great relationship with him, so of course I would return. It wouldn’t be full time, I’ll never go back to full time, but if it’s a special appearance before I hang up my wrestling boots, of course, I’d do it. And I’m sure that before I retire I’ll make a special appearance or do something with them. If not in 2018, which would be difficult, then in 2019. Before I leave I’ll definitely do something with them. We’ve made peace and things are good now, as they say ‘time heals all wounds’ and I’m sure we’ll do something in the future before I retire.”