Alexa Bliss On How Long She Plans To Wrestle, Her Role On Total Divas, Friendship With Nia Jax

Alexa Bliss

Ahead of her Raw Women’s Championship Match against Sasha Banks this Sunday at SummerSlam, Alexa Bliss spoke to on a variety of topics including how long she plans on wrestling. Highlights from the interview are as follows.

How long she plans on wrestling:

“I’d like to wrestle for as long as I can. I’ve always liked watching wrestling, but once you are on the other end of it, you develop a certain passion for it and respect for it and I would like to accomplish everything I want to before calling it quits.”

Joining the main roster last summer:

“I didn’t feel that I was ready to leave NXT. When I was called up to SmackDown I was very nervous. I hadn’t done many of the things at NXT that I thought I was supposed to. I didn’t have a TakeOver match. I never held the title. I only had a few matches on NXT TV and to be called up and told, ‘Well, here you go!’”

Her role on Total Divas:

“I’ve been kind of the peacekeeper between people. If people get into an argument, I tell them, ‘I’m the youngest one here why am I the most mature, why is that?’ I try to mend everything. I don’t do drama. I don’t like drama. I just watch it happen, but I don’t want to be in it.”

Spending time with Nia Jax on Total Divas and how WWE is her family on the road:

“The fact that I’m on there with Nia Jax, who is one of my best friends, is super fun and super exciting. We have a lot of fun with it. We just kind of roll with it and see what happens.

“You don’t have your family. You don’t have your outside friends. WWE becomes your family. One big dysfunctional family. You aren’t going to get along with everyone all the time, but you have to see them five or six days a week anyway. It’s very important to have a friend on the road, especially because of the scheduling and everything going on. They’re going through it with you. As many people say that they understand it, they don’t unless they are living through it.”