Artwork for WWE Studios Movie with Kane and Dolph Ziggler, Fans on Triple H’s Reign, WWE Entrances


– WWE has a new poll asking fans how long Triple H will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion – a few more days, until WrestleMania 32, more than a year, longer than Bruno Sammartino or however long he wants. With over 5,000 votes, 73% believe The Game will drop the gold at WrestleMania while 17% went with “however long The King of Kings wants.”

– The title of the WWE Studios thriller with Dolph Ziggler and Kane has been changed from “6:42” to “Countdown.” Ziggler revealed this artwork for the movie today. The synopsis for the movie is also below:

Ray Fitzpatrick (WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler) is a tough as nails narcotics cop working the beat in Los Angeles. After a drug bust goes wrong, Ray is forced to shoot his own partner, leading to his suspension from the police force. Before you know it, Ray is dragged right back into the thick of it when a mysterious package arrives at the station addressed to him. The package leads Ray and his colleagues to an encrypted website where an unidentified kidnapper broadcasts a threat to Ray and the entire police force. The kidnapper, it turns out, is holding a young boy hostage and unless the police department can come up with a $2 million ransom, he’ll set off a time-bomb strapped to the child’s chest.

The department, led by Lt. Cronin (WWE Superstar Kane) comes up with the payoff and Ray is tasked as the bagman. When the handover goes down, Ray is forced to shoot and kill the kidnapper before he can set off the bomb and kill the child. With 6 hours and 42 minutes left before the timed explosive detonates, Ray and Internal Affairs agent Julia Baker (Katharine Isabelle from “See No Evil 2”) race against time to find the now deceased kidnapper’s hidden lair and save the child before it’s too late.

– As seen below, WWE has posted updated entrance videos for Vince McMahon, Sasha Banks, The Dudley Boyz, Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte:

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