Asuka Says Vince McMahon Hugged Her After Winning The SmackDown Women’s Championship At WWE TLC


Asuka reveals Vince McMahon’s reaction to her winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE TLC.

At WWE TLC, Asuka beat Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in the first-ever Women’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Asuka owes part of her win to Ronda Rousey. Lynch and Flair were battling atop one of the ladders when the Raw Women’s Champion showed up. Rousey pushed the ladder over, sending Lynch and Flair out of the ring.

That gave Asuka a clear path to the title.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Asuka said Vince McMahon hugged her backstage and told her it was a good match. Here is a rough translation of her comments.

“After I finished the match, everyone backstage welcomed us, clapping,” Asuka said.

According to Asuka, McMahon hugged her directly and said, “‘Congratulations, it was a good match.'”

She added, “I was really happy.”

Now that she’s captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Asuka has her sights set on WrestleMania 35. She wants to successfully defend the title at the show so that she can be SmackDown Women’s Champion when WWE returns to Japan.

“The reason why I came to WWE is raising the quality of women,” Asuka said. “I want to make women more recognizable, that is my mission.”