The Authors of Pain Finally Get Names, Behind-The-Scenes Video of Alexa Bliss Photo Shoot

The Authors of Pain

– On this past Wednesday’s episode of WWE NXT, we finally learned the names of The Authors of Pain.

They are called Akam and Rezar. So who is who?

Akam is the guy on the left in the above picture. Real name Sunny Dhinsa, he is a former amateur wrestler WWE signed in 2014. His Twitter account is now located at Akam_WWE.

Rezar is Gzim Selmani, who has a background in mixed martial arts. He joined the company last year and is only 22-years-old — Akam is 23. You can find him on Twitter at Rezar_WWE.

Here is a clip of their match against Shane Thorne and Nick Miller.

– WWE released this behind-the-scenes video of Alexa Bliss’ photo shoot for Muscle & Fitness Hers. She is featured in the September/October issue, and appears on the cover.