Bo Dallas Kicked Off A Plane For Being Drunk

Bo Dallas

On Friday night, Bo Dallas was removed from a WWE flight from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Mexico for being heavily intoxicated and exhibiting some extremely bizarre behavior.

This is according to Steve Bell, who hosts The Late Shift podcast.

Bell heard the WWE Superstar “very loudly singing the Lion King song” while he was on the phone speaking to his wife. The situation took a turn for the worst when the pilot approached Dallas who preceded to tell him to “fuck himself” before telling everybody around him the same. He also called Seth Rollins a “dick.”

Dallas was removed from the plane for being intoxicated. Police did arrive at the terminal, but there is no word on if he was formally arrested, although he was escorted from the airport.

Dallas was seen drinking with the Uso brothers and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte in the airport bar prior to their departure to Mexico.

Bell noted that Dallas was singing the song from the beginning of The Lion King – “The Circle of Life.” Here are a few tweets from Bell reporting the incidents as they transpired: