Backstage Details On Alberto Del Rio’s Return To WWE

Alberto Del Rio

Jaws dropped as Alberto Del Rio, accompanied by Zeb Colter, returned to WWE at Hell in a Cell, answering the call of John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge and dethroning the Cenation leader to win the United States Title.

In regards to how this came about, Dave Meltzer said afterwards on Wrestling Observer Radio that he he has been in talks with WWE quite some time about a return to the company but a deal was not finalized until recently.

Del Rio got a great deal for his new WWE contract. In addition to good money, it will be for limited dates compared to other full-time wrestlers. The deal was made a few weeks ago with Triple H, after Del Rio became unhappy with the money and creative ideas offered in Lucha Underground.

“There was a big falling out, cash and creative is the best way to put it,” Meltzer said of Del Rio’s departure from Lucha Underground.

He goes on, “Triple H was the one who made the deal, he got a great deal, this deal was clearly done weeks ago, it is an easier schedule than most of the other roster have.”

It sounds like a great gig for Del Rio, who at 38-years-old, desires to spend more time with his family. It is a great spot to be in for the veteran performer. Colter should prove an effective mouthpiece for Del Rio’s lackluster verbal ability. As a wrestler he is top quality, there’ll undoubtedly be some fantastic matches with him this winter.

Del Rio is still AAA Champion and was booked on their shows going forward. It will be interesting to hear further details on what will be happening there.