Backstage News On Kevin Owens Busting Open Vince McMahon On SmackDown Live

As seen this past Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Kevin Owens.

On the show, McMahon made his return and called Owens to the ring. The two then began to break down last week’s brawl between KO and Shane McMahon and the pending lawsuit that Owens is threatening. McMahon made it clear that he would be prepared to fire Owens on the spot and cause him to go bankrupt if KO went through with filing the lawsuit.

Owens, growing increasingly frustrated, was forced to listen to McMahon declare that he wished Shane had done far worse to KO. The Chairman added that he didn’t suspend Shane for attacking KO, but for not finishing the job. This all led to McMahon making a Hell in a Cell Match — Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell. KO, now furious, accepted the match, but on one condition: that he be allowed to lay into a McMahon without fear of consequence. McMahon agreed and the two shook hands.

Owens suddenly headbutted McMahon, busting The Chairman open. Far from done after the shocking strike, KO assaulted McMahon with a punch, kicks and a Frog Splash. Stephanie McMahon then rushed out, first giving Owens a death stare and then checking on her father as he attempted to regain his composure after the brutal attack.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon getting busted open was planned. What makes it even more notable is that WWE banned blading years ago and the company’s rule of thumb for accidental blood is to avoid camera shots showing it as much as possible.

The hypocrisy of the angle was noted, as other wrestlers have been fined for juicing. Batista was fined $100,000 for bleeding in a Steel Cage Match against Chris Jericho in November 2008.

It is unknown just how the cut happened. While there is a chance that the blood could have been a result of a hardway shot, Meltzer noted that it was unlikely because you can’t guarantee blood from a single headbutt. Meltzer wrote that people that he spoke to that have been in the wrestling business for decades believe that McMahon bladed before the segment and covered it up with nu-skin, which would lead to the wound re-opening with a lot of blood. It was noted that you could see the difference in the skin where the cut was opened from a close-up freeze frame. issued an update on the storyline on Wednesday, saying McMahon did not give comment and refused to be looked at by medical staff.