Backstage News On Braun Strowman’s “Bowling Ball” Comment About Kevin Owens On Raw

Kevin Owens

WWE apparently staged a backstage segment on Raw two weeks ago for the sole purpose of mocking Kevin Owens.

On June 25, Owens partnered with Braun Strowman against the team of Finn Balor and Baron Corbin. After the match ended in a count-out when Balor and Corbin came to blows, Strowman refused Owens’ offer of a handshake and instead pursued his tag team partner throughout the backstage area.

During his pursuit, Strowman asked a concession worker holding water bottles where Owens is.

The concession worker replied, “Who?”

“The guy who looks like he’s got a bowling ball under his shirt,” Strowman said.

Owens seemingly managed to lose Strowman by hiding in an empty locker room, but when he made his way to the parking lot, he found a smiling Strowman lying in wait with KO’s keys in hand. Owens feared the worst, but it turned out Strowman had flipped over Owens’ getaway car. Apparently satisfied with his handiwork, “Mr. Monster in the Bank” left the scene while Owens looked very worried.

While recapping Raw, Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE did the “Where’s Kevin Owens?” segment just to get that dig in.

James McKenna, an ex-WWE employee who claimed responsibility for a prolonged series of WWE storyline leaks, is certain that the line came from Vince McMahon since The Chairman feels that Owens is shaped like a cannonball. According to McKenna, this once led to McMahon making a creative pitch for Owens to end his promos with “This isn’t a pipe bomb, it’s a cannonball!”

The bowling ball mark is a shot at Owens’ weight. We reported back in May that McMahon told Owens to lose weight, or else his WWE career will take a hit.