Backstage News On Bray Wyatt’s Character Following The Ultimate Deletion

One of the most popular things to speculate about coming out of Raw is the fate of Bray Wyatt. The Ultimate Deletion saw Matt Hardy pin the former WWE Champion and throw him in The Lake of Reincarnation.

It’s Señor Benjamin’s inability to fish him out, and the “reincarnation” part of the whole affair, which has fans thinking he’ll return with a different character. According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it looks like that will happen as “there were rumblings about some sort of a change in the Wyatt character.”

“It’s overdue to begin with the Ultimate Deletion where he was thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation, only to vanish in the lake. That would at least make one suspect some type of change,” Meltzer added.

Following The Ultimate Deletion, Hardy tweeted the following about Wyatt.