Backstage Notes and Speculation on Daniel Bryan’s WWE Retirement, Contract Status

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

– As noted, Daniel Bryan announced on Twitter that he’s retiring due to medical reasons. This comes after Bryan recently requested his release but WWE officials told him he didn’t have the right to request it. Bryan reportedly asked for his notice so he could return to the indies, perhaps working ROH and NJPW, but Vince McMahon told him no. Bryan is in a similar situation as Rey Mysterio because the time he’s been out of action was being applied to his contract as an extension.

Bryan went to New York on the Thursday before the WWE Royal Rumble for more tests and according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, apparently that’s where the story ends, even though there were more tests planned. Bryan could explain more on what happened during RAW tonight. Meltzer also speculated that Bryan retiring is probably his decision, not something the company is making him do.

We know that at one point, Bryan was cleared by a doctor for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and then doctors at UCLA, but not WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon. Vince will not go against Maroon and the general feeling is that unless Maroon has cleared Bryan, the retirement is probably legit and not a swerve.

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