Backstage Notes On Braun Strowman Bathroom Scene On Raw, Lars Sullivan Doing Jiu-Jitsu Training, Lana

Braun Strowman

– The backstage scene on Raw last week where Braun Strowman kicked the door of a bathroom stall while looking for Baron Corbin was written into the show to amuse one person — Vince McMahon.

The Chairman loves toilet humor and the creative team will sometimes feature these odd segments on television for his personal amusement.

The man who Strowman found in the bathroom is Ryan Ward, who is among WWE’s lead creative writers.

– Lana isn’t happy with her living arrangements while vacationing at Lake Tahoe, so she steals Paige and Nia Jax’s room.

– Lars Sullivan is doing jiu-jitsu training to improve his self-defense skills.

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