Backstage Notes On Paige’s Removal As SmackDown General Manager


Paige is no longer the General Manager of SmackDown LIVE.

After Vince McMahon announced on Raw that the McMahon family — himself, Stephanie, Shane and Triple H — would collectively oversee both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE, tonight’s episode of SmackDown LIVE kicked off with a backstage segment where Shane addressed the SmackDown LIVE roster. He gave a speech about how things are going to be changing, just like what was said on Raw. He also explained that Superstars will now be held accountable for what happens on the show.

Shane then brought Paige forward and praised her work as General Manager, but said she’d be getting a new position on the show. It was not said what that would be.

While WWE officials really liked Paige in the role, according to Mike Johnson of, her dismissal was a creative decision related to the company’s move to eliminate General Managers from television.

Johnson was told that she will be transitioned into a new role on television, although what that maybe has not been finalized. He wouldn’t be shocked to see her used on Kickoff panels and in a similar role as there were high marks for her for previous appearances.

Paige was assigned the role on April 10, one night after announcing her in-ring retirement on Raw. One huge factor in her landing the GM role is that Vince McMahon wanted to keep her on television because of WWE Studios’ upcoming film, Fighting with My Family. This movie is based on Paige’s life story and scheduled for a theatrical release on February 14, 2019. You can definitely expect Paige back on WWE television by then to promote the film.

One SmackDown LIVE Superstar happy to see Paige go is Zelina Vega, who portrays AJ Lee in the movie. Vega took to Twitter to tease her over losing the General Manager role and not playing herself in Fighting with My Family. Her remarks led to this response from Paige: