Bayley on What Makes WWE NXT Special, Help from William Regal, Randy Savage Inspiration, More


– WWE NXT Women’s Champion Bayley recently appeared on The Kevin Gill Show. The full interview can be found on or on SoundCloud. Below are highlights:

Her inspiration:

“I always say Macho Man because he was the first person that I saw in wrestling that really hooked me. The way he moved, the way he looked, the way he dressed. Everything about him. And as I started watching Lita was a big inspiration to me. She kind of showed me I could just stay who I am to be who I want to be.”

Best advice she’s received from William Regal:

“He’s helped me a lot on facial expressions, promos, and stuff like that. He’s very detailed with the way somebody moves even in the ring or just little details you never really think of. Just for me it was facials and promos because that was my hardest task to overcome.”

Keeping a positive mental attitude:

“It’s kind of hard to not be in a good mood because NXT keeps growing and growing… I’m in these great matches and have the opportunity to main event shows. I see new people come in and learning and that really makes me happy too. Meeting new people and trying to help people. It’s kind of like an all-around family, positive thing.”

What makes NXT special:

“In NXT everyone wants to get to the main roster, but everybody is working together for that goal… We spend every single day together so we’re really like a family getting to live our dreams together.”

Going from 13 fans to 14,000:

“When I first got here I was in FCW and we were doing shows in front of 13 people…. We just had a show in Brooklyn in front of over 13,000 people. To be a part of the growth and to see every little step and see how many people have gotten up to the main roster and much potential is still here. The future is going to be crazy.”

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