Becky Lynch On Emma – ‘I’m Not The One Who Steals Things’

Becky Lynch

Last week on SmackDown, Emma interrupted a Becky Lynch interview in what appeared to be the start of a program between the two. But while they didn’t appear on Raw last night, Lynch was interviewed for Raw Fallout and appeared to reference Emma’s arrest for shoplifting in 2014.

“Yeah, she came at me quite aggressively saying that I stole her opportunities. I’m not the one who steals things,” said Lynch. “I have scraped and clawed my way to exactly where I am right now and I’m not going to stop until I reach the top. So if Emma wants to come at me like that, well, come at me, bro. You know what? Light that match because I am 100-percent straight fire.”

One June 30, 2014, Emma was arrested in Hartford, Connecticut. Police released her after she agreed to appear at Hartford Community Court, which she did the following day. Her lawyer claimed that she forgot to pay for an iPad case when using a self-checkout machine at a Walmart. The court ordered her to perform community service and an online course, after which the charge would be dismissed. This initially led to WWE releasing Emma, but the company reversed its decision hours later.