Has The Undertaker Wrestled His Last Match? – Who Vince McMahon Wants Him To Face At Next Year’s WrestleMania In Orlando


F4WOnline.com has heard from sources within WWE that The Undertaker will not making his scheduled appearances on the European tour this month.

Kane will be replacing his storyline brother at all of Undertaker’s advertised dates.

The Undertaker was announced earlier in the year as appearing on the tour, teaming with Big Show to take on Luke Harper (who was previously pulled following a knee injury in March) and Erick Rowan.

Days ago, news broke that The Undertaker would be missing several of the tour dates, but was still scheduled for the Apr. 19 SmackDown taping in London and the following day’s house show in Newcastle. At the latter show, he was advertised as teaming with Kane to take on Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. That match was likely off, anyway, due to The Wyatt Family’s face turn.

The most recent news — that Undertaker would not be making the tour at all — comes on the heels of WrestleMania 32. Though Undertaker won his match against Shane McMahon and was therefore not forced to retire, he was reportedly telling people at the after-party that the bout was his swan song.

There have been years when Vince McMahon believed him (it’s one of the reasons Brock Lesnar beat him at WrestleMania 30) but McMahon still feels confident he can get Undertaker to compete at least one more time at WrestleMania. McMahon wants Undertaker to face Cena at next year’s event in Orlando, Florida, but he feels it would be best to approach him about the idea later in the year.

Only time will tell if Undertaker has wrestled his last match, but he seems committed to staying out of the ring for the time being.