Former TNA Valet Passes Away

Bella Donna

Leah Roxanne Biggerstaff (aka Rocksan Biggerstaff), who appeared as a valet in NWA: Total Nonstop Action (NWA-TNA) in late 2002 under the name Bella Donna, has passed away.

According to, Biggerstaff was found unresponsive Friday night at her home in Tennessee.  While EMTs worked on her and they were able to get her heart beating again, it was later determined that she had gone too long without oxygen and the decision was made on Monday to take her off life support.

According to a GoFundMe fundraiser set up by her sister to help pay for funeral expenses, she was 39 years old.

During her brief time with TNA, she served as valet for The Disciples of the New Church, a heel stable where Brian Lee and Slash (aka Wolfie D) worked as a tag team with Father James Mitchell as their manager.

Wolfie D broke the news of her passing on Facebook on Tuesday.

“Woke up this morning to find out that Rocksan Biggerstaff (aka Belladonna) who was the valet for my TNA faction, Disciples of The New Church, has passed away. I loved what she added to the group…she played her character well. Outside of the ring she was a sweetheart. My condolences to her family.”

Mitchell also took to Facebook to remember Biggerstaff.

“R.I.P Rocksan Biggerstaff, a.k.a “Belladonna”. She was our valet for Disciples of the New Church in the early days of NWA-TNA wrestling’s weekly pay per views. Belladonna took all of the bumps and finishes I weaseled my way out of. Say hello to the rest of the gang for me, my love.”

Bella Donna helped Lee and Slash win the NWA World Tag Team Championship from Chris Harris and James Storm on November 13, 2002, by jumping on Storm’s back to cause a distraction, leaving him open to getting hit with a spike by Lee.

Bella Donna wrestled one match for TNA, losing to Harris and Storm in a Handicap Bullrope match on December 4, 2002. This got set up after Harris pinned Lee and Storm pinned Slash to face Mitchell in the Handicap Bullrope match. Mitchell, however, claimed his doctor wouldn’t let him wrestle. He then made Bella Donna wrestle in his place, although Harris and Storm didn’t want to. Lee, Slash, and Mitchell then hit Harris and Storm with a cowbell and sent Bella Donna in the ring to pin them. Harris and Storm soon recovered and did their finishing moves on her. Storm then pinned her to win. It was her last appearance.

Here is a fanmade music video featuring Bella Donna’s TNA highlights.

Other than her brief stint with TNA, there is very little information online on her wrestling career. It seems that she disappeared from the wrestling scene after her final TNA appearance and just went back to having a normal life.

Though no longer involved with wrestling, Biggerstaff wasn’t hard to find as she was active on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to see photos of her in recent years.