The Bella Twins Talk About “Total Bellas” Premiering and What We Can Expect, John Cena Camera Time

The Bella Twins

– The Bella Twins recently spoke with E! Online about their docu-series “Total Bellas” premiering in October. Nikki Bella commented on what to expect:

“It’s basically a show about Brie and I and our family, more about our life outside the ring. You get to see my surgery up close and personal.”

Brie Bella added that we will also get to see Daniel Bryan’s retirement up close and personal. Nikki also revealed that after having neck surgery in January, she couldn’t leave her house for three months, so family took over the house and cameras were rolling. Brie said despite Cena’s busy schedule, he will have plenty of camera time because of the rules he made for his house. Brie said:

“You will see him a lot because he made a lot of rules, and he makes sure they’re all enforced.”

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