Big Show Says This Is His ‘Last Year’ Wrestling

Big Show

Even without any sort of official announcement, it continues to sound like Big Show is on a retirement tour.

Of course, when he hasn’t been on television since July 4 (and even off house shows for several weeks), it’s not much of a tour and it’s hard to confirm. But in his time away from the ring, he’s been making the press rounds. And the things he talks about repeatedly are a WrestleMania match with Shaquille O’Neal next April and hanging up the boots.

“I’m looking forward to… you know I’ve got that big match coming up with Shaq… so I’m looking forward to making my last year, try to go out athletically again, with a bang,” he said Thursday during an interview with AM 790 The Ticket in Miami. “I feel better now… I’m at 44 now, I’ll be 45 in February… but I’m telling you I feel better now at 44 than I did at 34.”

The mention of the O’Neal match in Orlando at Mania 33, and using his birthday a couple months before as a point of reference, continues to make it sound like that event might be the milestone where Show works his last WWE match.

Of course, given how the quote (and the whole interview) focuses on his training regiment and how well it’s working, he could just be transitioning to a limited schedule. But given how we haven’t seen him since being drafted to Raw, Show already appears to be a part-timer.