Video: Dolph Ziggler Talks WWE Title Match at SummerSlam, His 10+ Years In WWE, More

Dolph Ziggler

As seen in the clip above, Michael Cole’s most recent sit-down interview features the number one contender to Dean Ambrose’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Dolph Ziggler. Below are some of the highlights:

* Cole asks about Ziggler’s 10+ years in WWE and says it seems like fans have lost their confidence in Ziggler to win the big one lately. Ziggler says they lost their confidence in general because he didn’t have the confidence. Ziggler says eventually after some time passes with you not getting over the big hump, people give up on you. Ziggler takes the blame and says he wasn’t delivering and wasn’t in the show-stealing matches, he didn’t have it and was just doing OK. Cole asks why and Ziggler says he was fighting against the system to be the best and prove he’s the best but he got to a point where he believed the fans didn’t believe in him, so he wondered if he still needed to give them his best. Ziggler has always wanted to be a wrestler and didn’t want to go away with almost getting there. He had to find his time and wait but also had to keep grinding

* Ziggler says a few times he went out and thought he did what was right for the business and himself, and even if it was good or great he was told that’s not what he was supposed to be doing

* Cole brings up the SummerSlam match against WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and giving the fans another chance to believe in him. For the second or third time in several years, Ziggler says he has a whole new lease on life to prove how good he is and actually back up what he’s been talking about. Cole asks if he will be able to win the WWE Title. Ziggler says 100% he can. Ziggler says this is the biggest thing that has come his way and it’s up to him to knock it out of the park. Ziggler says if this is his last chance, we will see everything we’ve ever seen from him and then some. Ziggler says everything he’s done since he was 5 years old was to get where he’s at right now and it’s going to happen at SummerSlam, whether he’s supposed to win or not, he’s going to

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