Bill Goldberg on Possibly Facing Brock Lesnar Again, WWE 2K17 and More


As seen below, Bill Goldberg participated in a Q&A session yesterday in Cologne Germany on behalf of GamesCon:

* He tells fans we all know he should be on the WWE 2K17 cover because he killed the guy who’s going to be on the cover, Brock Lesnar

* Goldberg confirmed that he’s headed to New York City for SummerSlam weekend on Friday and said “never say never” when it comes to mixing it up again. He says he has on issue putting on the tights and gloves to rip people’s faces off again, all he needs is the opportunity. He tells the fans to keep doing what they’re doing, chanting and showing support, and it will happen

* He reiterated that he’s ready to go any time and any place, he just needs the call

* He says WWE 2K17 is going to be unbelievable, far superior than anything they have put out before. He says fans will “flip their lids” at the game

* His favorite project since wrestling was filming The Longest Yard because he was able to put on football pads and beat people up like he used to

* He was asked when he will be back in WWE and he said he honestly has no idea and he’s not sure if it will ever happen. He’s not in control of that and he wants fans to understand one thing – it’s not up to him because if it was, he would come out and give fans what they want. He asks fans to not take it out on him if he doesn’t show up. He says he loves the fans because they made him who he is and he would be no one without them

* Regarding Lesnar, Goldberg said: “Brock knows how I feel about him, Brock understands what it’s like to be in the ring with me. Although it was not the best match in the world by any stretch because you guys knew we were leaving. But Brock knows the power, Brock’s felt the power and Brock knows I don’t play around, I’m just like him and that’s what’s missing – somebody to give him the fight just like he gives to everyone else. Brock knows what would happen, Brock knows where I live, Brock knows I own a Muay Thai gym and Brock can show up at any time he wants and the same thing’s gonna happen to him that happened in 2004.”

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