Bill Goldberg Talks Brock Lesnar Match at Survivor Series, Being “The Guy” Again at This Stage In Life, More (Video)


Bill Goldberg joined ESPN 2’s Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim today for a First Take appearance. You can see video from the appearance above.

The hosts played previous footage of Seth Rollins saying he could take Goldberg because Goldberg is past his prime. Goldberg jokes that he used to be “The Man” but now he’s an advanced aged man. Goldberg says he is not past his prime and Rollins is just trying to get a rub that will get him put in the hospital. Goldberg says Rollins better pray to God that Goldberg doesn’t have anything left in him after the Brock Lesnar match because he will serve Rollins’ head on a platter.

Goldberg says he’s returning because of his kid. Goldberg says his wife and kid weren’t part of his life when he was wrestling and to get the chance to be “the guy” at this point in his life is too much to pass up. Goldberg confirmed that the WWE 2K17 video game is what led to his return. He never believed he would be featured on the back of the game or asked to come back to WWE. Goldberg says he’s giving fans what they want at the end of the day. He says there aren’t enough superheroes left and if he’s given the chance to possibly be that guy, he’s taking it with flying colors. Goldberg says he just wants to be someone kids can follow and look up to.

Kellerman brought up how Goldberg is still in one piece after a pro football career and a pro wrestling career, and asked if Goldberg wonders what he’s doing. Goldberg said, “I’m Goldberg, dude. If anyone can do it, it’s me.” Goldberg says there aren’t that many people that can face Lesnar and he truly believes he is one of those people, and the fans agree. Regarding his previous WWE departure, Goldberg says there were things going on that he didn’t agree with, be it character-wise or the direction they were going in. He says you can push the envelope all you want but at the end of the day, kids are our future and when you’re a pro athlete, kids are going to watch what you’re doing and repeat it – positive or negative. Goldberg says there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being that guy again.

They ask if Goldberg can still pick up a 500 pounder in the ring and he talks about scooping up a strongman that weighs around 420 pounds the other day at his home. He says it was pretty easy and talks about how he’s always been training. Goldberg says he’s a competitor, a warrior and will be lifting or punching people or getting punched until he’s no longer able to. Goldberg says that instinct will never leave him. Smith, a noted pro wrestling fan, asked Goldberg who he wanted to be like when he got into the business. Goldberg says he never wanted to be like anyone else, he wanted to take parts of people’s repertoire, whether it’s a move or a look, and make it his own. He says it didn’t want to steal it or take it, he wanted to make it his own. Goldberg says he is a “neanderthal meathead” kind of guy and he was drawn to guys like Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen because they beat the hell out of guys and had no remorse. Goldberg says he took a little piece from everyone and hopefully he was able to come up with something that was entertaining.

Regarding the match with Lesnar, Goldberg says he’s going to put his fist through The Beast’s face. Goldberg says he’s a big fan of Lesnar’s because he’s a competitor and a neanderthal. Goldberg has been to Lesnar’s fights and rooted him on but at the end of the day, he owes Lesnar a rematch. Goldberg admits their WrestleMania XX match wasn’t the best match in history and blames it on everyone knowing they were both leaving. Goldberg ends the interview by saying Lesnar is next.

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