Who Bobby Lashley Will Probably Feud With Next After Injuring Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens

With Lio Rush egging him on, Bobby Lashley not only defeated Kevin Owens this past Monday night on Raw but injured the former Universal Champion’s knees in a jaw-dropping post-match assault.

The WWE creative team’s intention for the angle was for Lashley and Rush to turn heel, according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Creative made the decision to turn Lashley and Rush heel that day at Raw. After a long discussion over whether Lashley would be better off as a heel than a face, particularly with losing Owens on the heel side due to a legitimate injury, the decision was made to turn Lashley heel.

“The decision was made that if he’s better off as a heel and that they need heels, let’s do it right away with the idea they already need him to injure Owens anyway,” Meltzer wrote.

Rush had an interruptible foldback (IFB) in his ear so that Vince McMahon could feed him lines. One person told Meltzer that McMahon fed every line that Rush said.

“It was also notable because there were camera shots that exposed he had an IFB even though it seemed like nobody noticed it. I know I didn’t. The cord was hanging out of the back of his jacket,” Meltzer wrote.

To add to Meltzer’s report, another huge factor in Lashley’s heel turn is due to the apathetic reactions he’s been getting from fans since his return. McMahon is very high on Lashley and is determined to get fans reacting to him.

It appears that Lashley will be feuding with Finn Balor, who he wrestled at last night’s live event in Syracuse, New York. The match ended via disqualification due to interference from Rush, who spoke on a mic while they were wrestling.

After Balor nailed Rush with the Coup de Grâce, Lashley slugged Balor on the head from behind (as seen below).

Lashley and Balor are also advertised to wrestle on November 8 in Frankfort, Germany, which is an indication they’ll be wrestling throughout next month’s tour of Europe.