Bobby Roode on Being In WWE NXT, the Decision to Leave TNA, More

Bobby Roode

As seen above, Bobby Roode recently spoke with John Pollock of The LAW to talk WWE NXT “Takeover: Toronto” and more. Below are highlights:

If he needed a WWE run for his career:

Roode: “I think so, yeah. Obviously, starting out in the business, it’s been 17 years for me now. The dream has obviously been to be a part of WrestleMania, be a part of a big stage. I’ve had an opportunity and I’m thankful for my opportunities in the past where I’ve been and the companies that I’ve worked for. I can honestly say now that I’m in WWE, there’s no better place to be, there’s no bigger stage than being in the WWE, I am very grateful for the opportunity and it’s only been 5 months. If you would have asked me 5 months ago if I thought I would’ve had this much success so soon, I probably would have said you’re crazy but things happen for a reason and again, timing is everything. I have been given this opportunity with this “Glorious” song and it evolved into this really big thing and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Decision to leave TNA:

Roode: “For me, I got in this business because I love it. I love sports entertainment, I love pro wrestling and I had a passion for it for 17 years. Near the end of my career at TNA, I didn’t have that passion anymore. I didn’t love leaving the house; I didn’t love going to work. I loved being around the guys, you know what I mean? The locker room was always great but I just didn’t enjoy it anymore. I wanted to step away for a while and figure out what I wanted to do. WWE gave me this opportunity, I flew down to WrestleMania weekend in Dallas and met with some people and had some really good conversations. Just being backstage at the Takeover event and watching the Takeover event – from that very first moment, just getting a sniff of what it’s like there started slowly bringing back that passion. I really wanted to be a part of it all so I’ve been really grateful for the opportunity.”

If NXT has added years to his career, possibly walking away?

Roode: “I think so. I think this is the only thing I’m really good at so I don’t know what else I would do but it’s really rejuvenated me. I feel like I’m young again, I feel like I’m right in the middle of my prime, I feel like I have years and years ahead of me, you know what I mean? I’m almost 17 years into the business right now but I feel like I can go 15, 16 more to be honest with you. I’m just having fun and I have that passion back. I look forward to getting back on the road all the time and being a part of NXT shows, just being a part of it all. I got into this business for a reason and everything that’s going on right now with WWE and with NXT is the reason why I’m in this business so I’m having fun.”

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