Braun Strowman Tells His Girlfriend “I Miss You Babe”

Braun Strowman

In case you don’t know, Braun Strowman has a girlfriend and her name is Kailey Dawn Farmer. She’s a 5-foot-10 wrestler who competes on the independent scene as Kamilla Kaine. Farmer is good enough to be on WWE’s radar as she was one 37 athletes who took part in a three-day talent tryout at the Performance Center in February.

Every now and then, Kaine will post a photo or video on Instagram of herself with Strowman. She did her last post last Saturday and wrote, “Stuck in bed sick as poo 😩💩 missing your face 👅.”

Stuck in bed sick as poo 😩💩 missing your face 👅

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Their relationship is serious as they share a home. Strowman, whose Instagram handle is @adamscherr99, responded in the comments: “I miss you babe and will be home soon. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to the house.”

Given his terrorizing character in WWE, it’s a bit shocking to see Strowman publicly show his softer side. However, he states in his Instagram bio that his page doesn’t depict his character on TV:

“I do outdoors redneck stuff with my redneck friends This is my real life page it doesn’t depict my TV character #CountryStrongINC.”

Strowman and Farmer have apparently been dating since sometime last year as that’s when photos of the two began to pop up on Farmer’s social media accounts and elsewhere. Here are 10 photos we’ve collected of Braun with his girlfriend.