Bray Wyatt Accused Of Spending Money On Gifts For Jojo Instead Of Child Support Payments

Bray Wyatt

The estranged wife of Bray Wyatt has accused him of squandering $11,000 on strippers and diamonds for his mistress during a 10-day spending binge, according to a report on Thursday by

The 30-year-old WWE Superstar, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, and his wife Samantha, 31, of Brooksville, Florida, split last June after he was allegedly caught cheating on her with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman.

Wyatt now spends much of his time with Offerman at her apartment near Miami, Florida while his wife and two daughters remain in the family home on Florida’s west coast.

Wyatt has since agreed to pay his estranged wife $14,765 per month in maintenance and child support but has yet to pay back the backdated arrears.

He had been paying $6,000 per month since the split in June but henceforth will pay over double that sum.

According to his former wife’s lawyer, they remain locked in a stalemate over the outstanding arrears — and failed to agree during a mediation session last week.

Samantha filed for divorce from Wyatt shortly after the affair was uncovered and returned to court in September to demand $15,000 per month in spousal and child support.

In November, she was awarded a temporary monthly income of $14,735 as well as a one-off payment of $50,000 to cover legal expenses.

But documents exclusively obtained by show that Wyatt is still refusing to pay up beyond the $6,000 per month he had already agreed on, with 31-year-old Samantha now pursuing Wyatt in court over the amount.

According to the legal papers, filed on January 30, 2018, the wrestler spent more than $11,000 on ‘non-necessary’ items between December 20, 2017, and January 4, 2018 – despite owing money to his wife.

On the lavish shopping list were visits to strip clubs in Miami and women’s swimwear – likely to be for Offerman.

Other recent purchases made by Wyatt included $5,006.27 on ‘miniature horses, supplies and feed’ between December 20 and 29 and $533.93 on jewelry ‘not for his wife’ at Diamonds Direct on December 21.

On January 2, 2018, he spent $112.79 at a Miami bar named The Wharf, which bills itself as ‘an open-air special event space’ situated on ‘the historic Miami River’.

He then went on to spend another $139.60 at E11even, a nightclub that boasts of its burlesque performances and ‘mostly clothed performers’ before finishing the evening at Tootsie’s Cabaret.

At Tootsie’s, which bills itself as the ‘number one strip club in Miami’ and claims to feature ‘the most beautiful women in the world daily’, he spent $285.

Two days later, after returning home to St. Petersburg, Wyatt spent $118.48 on dinner at Stillwaters Tavern and $171.20 on swimwear at Cerulean Blu – a high-end boutique specializing in bikinis for curvy women.

The divorcing pair has now been forced into mediation, with both seen arriving at a family law practice in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday with their legal teams.

Wyatt, who was accompanied by his mother Stephanie, 55, arrived in a black Dodge Challenger muscle car – prices for which start at $28,995.

Samantha arrived shortly afterward and could be seen miserably running a hand across her brow as she made her way inside.

Speaking exclusively to during the session, Samantha’s lawyer Ray Rafool, of Miami, Florida, accused the wrestler of having a ‘reckless and dangerous mentality’ and said he needs to own up to his responsibilities.

“This really is just the tip of the iceberg. He had already gone to Vegas and spent a lot of money at Nobu or one of the restaurants – substantial amounts of money,” Rafool said.

“He’s told my client – it’s my money, not your money. It’s my money. That’s a dangerous and reckless mentality. It’s not accurate under the law and it’s not healthy for the family.”

The wrestler and his estranged wife met while attending college at Troy University in Troy, Albany and had been married for five years prior to the split.

They share two daughters, aged four and six, with Samantha taking on the role of homemaker after Wyatt’s wrestling career took off. But his success in the ring appears to have contributed to the breakdown of their marriage, with Samantha accusing him of putting ‘traveling and gallivanting’ ahead of her and their daughters in court papers filed in September.