Brian Kendrick Breaks Orbital Bone and Nose As A Result Of Hideo Itami’s GTS – How Long Will He Be Out?

Brian Kendrick

The Brian Kendrick sustained a broken nose and broken orbital bone in his loss to Hideo Itami on Raw on Monday.

The injuries occurred when Itami struck Kendrick with his signature Go-To-Sleep.

“During a match between The Brian Kendrick and Hideo Itami, Itami performed the GTS and during that maneuver, Kendrick was struck in the left eye and the inner aspect of the nose,” WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Chris Amann told “A fracture was suspected, and he was taken to a local emergency care facility in Chicago where a CT scan confirmed a diagnosis of an orbital wall fracture and a minimally displaced nasal bridge fracture.”

The orbital wall fracture penetrated the maxillary sinus without muscle or nerve entrapment, Amann explained. At this time, the injury appears nonsurgical.

“We will be following it closely and making sure everything heals appropriately and that surgery’s not needed,” Amann said.

It was noted on last night’s episode of 205 Live that Kendrick will be out of action for two months.

Dasha Fuentes first reported the news in this video report.