Brie Bella on Daniel Bryan’s Recovery, Wanting to Become Parents, the WWE Divas Title, More

Brie Bella

– Brie Bella recently spoke with the UK’s Mirror to promote WWE Total Divas. The full interview is at this link. Below are some highlights:

The new season:

I actually have to say this is probably one of my favourite seasons and I’m not just saying that so y’all tune in. A lot has happened, a lot happens. We start the season where the girls are in an uproar because Eva Marie doesn’t want to train in NXT and it doesn’t sit well with the other Divas. And it shouldn’t. And you just see a lot of people start pouring their hearts out, start speaking the truth, and it turns into a lot of drama. I think everyone will be surprised and that’s what you have to tune in for.

My husband and I, you know we’ve really just been going back on forth on becoming parents, it’s something we really, really want. I’m just dying to be a mom and you’re going to see that struggle this season and Daniel Bryan and myself getting our fertility checks which is just crazy, but we did that, I really wanted to know, and you’ll see a lot of things that get us ready for motherhood and fatherhood.

My sister, you’ll kind of just see her going back and forth whether she’s going to re-sign with WWE or not and being the Divas Champion. It’s crazy, we’re on the road just about 350 days a year and we sacrifice everything, so you just start looking at all your family’s pictures and you’re like ‘oh my gosh, I’m not in that, that or that, wow, I’ve not been in the last 10 years of your life’. We’re really looking at that. I think family is everything to the Bella Twins and that’s what we’ve been looking at and thinking about the most.

One of the main things we’ll see you having to deal with is the career threatening injury Bryan has suffered. How is he doing?

You know he’s doing really well, he is, but it has been very hard. This injury unlike any other has just been the hardest because in the past we at least knew ‘okay it’s surgery, this long to recover’, he unfortunately had a relapse, but then we knew how long it would be to recover after the relapse. But with this one it’s so unclear and that’s the hard thing. As a wife, to put myself away from wrestling, as a wife it’s so hard to see your husband go through this. I mean, you know when doctors are starting to think, and you see his dreams come crashing down, it breaks my heart. To the point where I wish I was in his position and he was in mine because I hate seeing him like that. But my husband has so much fight in him and he tells me every day ‘I’m getting back in that ring, just you watch’ and I’m like ‘oh I bet you will’. I have his support 100% and I really think he will get back in there, I really do. He doesn’t see it any other way.

You were the Divas Champion in 2011. Is it an ambition of yours to hold the title again?

Oh my gosh I would love to. It would be such an honour to hold it again. You know I’m proud of my sister right now and she couldn’t be a better champion and I’ll always have her back, but there are definitely times when I think, ‘look at that, I think it would look better in my hands’! SummerSlam is coming up, which brings up a lot of bad memories, but I have her back, blood is thicker than water.

What was it like to feud with Stephanie and your sister and be part of such a big storyline this time last year?

Oh, it was the highlight of my career. It was amazing to work with Stephanie McMahon, you know for a Diva it was amazing to have a great story. And to have it happen organically from the Daniel Bryan situation. You know Stephanie and I main evented Raw two weeks in a row. Just as women. We had no men in our storyline, it was just two women who had beef. And then when we were going into SummerSlam to have Vince McMahon tell us that we helped sell the pay-per-view and that was the main story going in, it was incredible. Those are moments I will be telling my grandchildren, that I will remember forever. And the best part too, someone like her was bullying my husband and I got be the bitch that stepped in and put her in her place.

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