Was Brock Lesnar Really Hurt After His Match With AJ Styles At Survivor Series?

Last night at Survivor Series, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar beat WWE Champion AJ Styles in a brutal Champion vs. Champion Match.

Lesnar appeared hurt following the bout as he was seen limping to the backstage area. AJ rammed Lesnar’s knee into the steel steps and applied the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring.

On the post-Survivor Series edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said Lesnar was not really hurt in the match, he just wanted everyone to think he was.

Lesnar beat Styles after catching him from a second Phenomenal Forearm attempt. Lesnar then hit Styles with the F-5 for the win.

Following the match, Styles said on Twitter that he’s open to a rematch.