Brock Lesnar – “The Only Thing I’m Proud Of Is The Money in My Bank Account”

Brock Lesnar

There is a strange disconnect between Brock Lesnar and many people in the professional wrestling industry. A lot of people just do it for money. “The Beast Incarnate is one of those guys who looks at wrestling like a job. The others look at this job with great pleasure and love it in their bone marrow because it helped shape them.

Promoting WrestleMania, Lesnar did an interview with the Associated Press and made his philosophy about his “job” very clear.

“This is a job and I’m not caught up into it like maybe I’m supposed to be. I approach this as, I’m a skilled worker. I clock in, I clock out. People pay to watch me and, by chance, I guess they find me entertaining,” he said. “When I look back and what I’m proud of is the money in my bank account.”

“There could be five people in the stands or 100,000 people, I don’t treat it any differently,” Lesnar said. “I approach the competition the same. That’s just my mentality. I don’t get caught up in the business. I show up, I do my job, I collect my check and I go home.”