Cesaro Does Ropes Course In a Suit, WWE on the “Next John Cena”, The Streak, Tanner – Mada Promos


– In this WWE Tough Enough digital extra, Tanner and Mada engage in an impromptu promo battle:

– Cesaro is featured in this Tough Enough digital extra as he finishes last week’s rope course in a suit:

– WWE’s website has a poll asking fans which is the greatest feat – The Undertaker building The Streak or Brock Lesnar ending The Streak. With over 4,000 votes, 73% have voted for The Undertaker.

– WWE recently posted an article looking at 6 Superstars who could be the “next John Cena” for the company. They named Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, without the Stardust gimmick.

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