Charlotte Talks About Her Current WWE Position, Being Ric Flair’s Daughter, Her Brother, More


– As seen above, this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features new #1 contender Charlotte. Below are highlights:

* Cole brings up her winning the Beat The Clock Challenge on RAW to face WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella at Night of Champions. Charlotte says it doesn’t feel real as she only started in NXT three years ago. She remembers watching Paige and Emma at NXT Arrival, wondering if she would ever get where they were at. Charlotte says she never pictured herself in this position. She’s honored to be facing the Divas Champion on a major pay-per-view.

* She brings up her late brother Reid Flair and says he was the one who helped her realize this was her dream because he believed in her. Charlotte says where she’s at means the world to her.

* Cole brings up Charlotte’s father Ric Flair. Charlotte says being his daughter has helped but it’s also closed a lot of doors. She talks about the daily pressure of being Flair’s daughter. She asks herself often if she should carry on his legacy but she likes to “whooo” and chop because that’s her dad. She wonders if she will ever be good enough and wonders if people see her as a rip-off of her dad. She says it’s hard. All she knows how to do is work hard. She’s damned if she does, damned if she don’t.

* Cole brings up Nikki Bella’s comments saying Charlotte isn’t ready for this and that she needs to go back to NXT, learn some things, come back and then see her. Charlotte is disappointed that Nikki doesn’t see her as competition. Charlotte says she wasn’t raised that way and looks at everyone as competition. She says she’s climbed from the bottom at NXT to the top here. She feels Nikki isn’t taking her serious. Charlotte says this just fuels her fire and makes her blood boil. She talks about how she was a fighting champion in NXT and says Nikki is just making her want it that much more.

* Cole asks her what the Divas Revolution means to her. She says she’s been through a lot and seen a lot for as young as she is. The Divas Revolution isn’t about magazine covers or fancy clothes, it’s about empowering women all over the world. She hopes she inspires young girls to never give up and go after their dreams. Charlotte says it’s hard being a woman sometimes and feeling like you have to mold to a certain standard. She hopes she stands for something that’s not the norm. She says female athletes are really making strides as women across the world. She says Nikki is all about Nikki and the Revolution is bigger than that, it’s about women all over the world.

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