Was Kevin Owens Supposed To A Member Of The League of Nations?

Kevin Owens

When The League Of Nations debuted on Raw a few weeks ago, fans questioned why Kevin Owens wasn’t included in the group. With the stable comprised of heel wrestlers from countries outside the United States, it seemed to make sense for the Canadian-born Owens to join.

According to a report from PWInsider.com, that was originally the plan.

Owens was originally slated to be a member of the group when it was first conceived by WWE’s creative writers. Owens, however, did not appear on the Raw broadcast where The League of Nations made their debut. That week, Owens was on the road along with his son, and they both became very ill. WWE ended up sending Owens home from Raw and the following night’s SmackDown taping.

With Owens unable to appear on the show, he was written out of the group’s introduction. In the weeks since The League of Nations was formed, WWE decided to leave him out of the group after all. It’s probably not a big loss for him. The stable as it is currently comprised, with Sheamus as the defacto leader, has little heat with the crowd and likely won’t be around for long.