Dan Spivey Weighs In On Health-Related Lawsuits Against WWE, Praises Rehab Program

Waylon Mercy

Former WWE Superstar Dan Spivey (a/k/a Waylon Mercy), who now works as a sober coach providing one-on-one assistance to recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, offered his take on the current slew of lawsuits against WWE from former performers who claim they have suffered long-term health problems from working for the organization.

He wrote on his personal Facebook page:

To my fans, I am sure you have seen posts regarding former WWF/WWE Superstars who are taking part in a law suit against Vince and the WWE. The suit is in regard to injuries incurred, wrestlers forced to work hurt and forced to take pain medication and steroids.

I just wanted to let you all know my opinion about this law suit, which simply put, I don’t agree with it.

I got into wrestling because I loved it. I wanted more than anything to be a WWF/WWE Superstar. Did I get injured? Yes. 6 hip replacements, neck fusion, knee replacement, plus a few other minor injuries, but I was never forced to work hurt and these never stopped me from living my dream. Did I work 7 days a week? Yes, because in the 80s thats what you did to be the best at what you loved. Because of the WWF/WWE I traveled the world, I became a household name, and loved it!

Did I have an addiction to drugs and alcohol? Yes, but not because of wrestling, but because of me. I can tell you, 6 years later I am clean and sober…because of the WWE. The WWE has a program in place where former WWF/WWE Superstars can go to a rehab facility, all expenses paid, no questions asked, which I was able to take advantage of. The WWE has had this program in place since 2007.

Because of the WWF/WWE they allowed me to live my dream and then helped to save my life. I have no regrets or ill feelings, I am grateful for the WWF/WWE for giving this good ole country boy a chance to live his dream. Again, I don’t agree with the law suit, and I wanted you my fans, who have been faithful to me and continue to keep the name Dan Spivey aka Waylon Mercy alive, to know my opinion in this matter.

There were a lot of good hands that never got a chance to work for the WWF/WWE, and part of the law suit is that they want to form a union. For every guy that would walk out, there would be 10 guys that would cross the picket line and work for free just to say that they worked for the WWE.

This statement is my opinion.

Thank you all for all the years that you have supported me
God Bless
Dan Spivey