WWE Diva Tested For A Concussion At Raw, John Cena’s Workout Partner, Dan Spivey Speaks Out

– Former WWE Superstar Dan Spivey appeared on Under The Mat Radio to discuss his career in wrestling. Topics discussed included his rehab program, counseling various addictions, former WWE performers filing concussion-related lawsuits against their former employer, hitting rock bottom, the Waylon Mercy character, Billy Jack Haynes’ false accusations about “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and more.

– The Paige vs. Sasha Banks match on Raw was cut short after Banks took a bad bump on her head as a result of a German suplex from Paige. Following a directive from the referee, Banks quickly locked Paige in the Bank Statement for a victory by submission. Sasha underwent concussion testing afterwards backstage and was deemed fine. She competed in a tag team match with Naomi at following night’s SmackDown taping in Little Rock, Arkansas.

– Cesaro has been working out with John Cena at the gym more frequently as of late. The two have become pretty close lately, with Cena continuing to put him over to WWE officials. Their friendship along with Cena’s internal support of Cesaro goes hand and hand.