Daniel Bryan Reveals His Favorite Moment In Wrestling, Talks About Dusty Rhodes

Daniel Bryan

– Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Asbury Park Press to promote his June 28th appearance at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ. Below are highlights:

Dusty Rhodes:

“For the most part — at least from me knowing him — he always saw the good in people. It happens a lot in wrestling and a lot of other things where the older generation looks down at the younger generation and picks him apart. Instead of that, he would say, “Ooh, look at this in this person.” As opposed to looking at their negatives, he was looking at their positives. He wasn’t afraid to tell you what was wrong with something, but he was also quick to highlight the very good aspects of your nature or things about you that you should focus on. He touched a lot — a lot — of people.”

“I have fond memories of Dusty, but I also have fond memories of being in the car with Cody while he was talking to his dad. You could hear the way they would banter back and forth and you can see how that vibrancy that Dusty had was passed on to Cody. And I don’t know Dustin as well as I know Cody, but you can see it in Dustin too.”

His favorite moment in wrestling, RAW in December 2013 from Seattle where former champions were in the ring to promote a Cena vs. Orton match:

“It was just supposed to be an interview between (on-air authority figure) Triple-H, Randy Orton and John Cena, but the fans there weren’t having it. They just started chanting ‘Yes!’ and ‘Yes!’ and ‘Yes!’ and ‘Daniel Bryan!’ and ‘Yes!’ and more Yes-ing to the point that they were ruining the segment. John Cena is so smart and so quick on his feet, he pulls me forward and asks me something to the effect of ‘What’s your name?’ I said, ‘Daniel Bryan,’ and everybody cheers. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘Aberdeen, Washington.’ Everybody cheers louder. ‘Were either your mom or dad a WWE superstar?’ I said that no, my dad is a log scaler and logging is big in the area, so then everybody cheered.”

“It’s mostly special because that was the last time my dad got to see me wrestle before he passed away. And not only that, but he got mentioned. For me, that’s a very special moment. That’s my favorite, even more so than WrestleMania XXX. If you were to ask me my favorite moment in wrestling, that’d be it.”

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