David Otunga In Another Movie, Brother of WWE NXT Star Appears on TV, Recent WWE Attendance

David Otunga

– As seen on the June 15th WWE NXT episode, “The Authors of Pain” Sunny Dhinsa and Gzim Selmani defeated indie wrestlers CJ O’Doyle and Sean Swag. Swag is the brother if NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli. He was featured on a previous episode of WWE Breaking Ground after failing a tryout. The brothers tried out together but only Tino was offered a deal.

– WWE announcer David Otunga will be filming a movie called “Live to Tell” this August. Otunga plays the role of a police captain who responds to a massive school shooting, carried out by a student. Otunga previously played a cop in WWE Studios’ “The Call” with Halle Berry.

– Below are recent WWE attendance figures:

* June 2nd in Tampa, FL for WWE NXT drew 300 fans
* June 2nd in Evansville, IN for NXT drew 950 fans
* June 3rd in Crystal River, FL for NXT drew 200 fans
* June 3rd in Nashville for NXT drew 1,200 fans
* June 3rd in Odessa, TX drew 3,00 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* June 4th in Ft. Pierce, FL for NXT drew 400 fans
* June 4th in Atlanta for NXT drew a sellout of 780 fans
* June 4th in Tulsa, OK drew 4,500 fans (Dean Ambrose tour)
* June 5th in Amarillo, TX drew 4,500 fans (Reigns tour)
* June 5th in Lawton, OK drew 1,500 fans (Ambrose tour)
* June 6th in Oklahoma City for RAW drew 7,00 fans
* June 7th in Wichita KS for SmackDown drew 3,000 fans
* June 10th in Waco, TX drew 3,700 fans (Dean Ambrose tour)
* June 11th in Jackson, MS drew 4,200 fans (Reigns tour)
* June 11th in College Station, TX drew 3,800 fans (Ambrose tour)
* June 12th in Lake Charles, LA drew 3,000 fans (Ambrose tour)
* June 13th in Belfast for NXT drew 3,900 fans
* June 13th in New Orleans for RAW drew 8,000 fans
* June 15th in Liverpool for NXT drew 3,000 fans
* June 16th in Bornemouthe for NXT drew 3,000 fans
* June 17th in Plymouth drew a sellout of 2,500 fans
* June 17th in Salt Lake City drew 4,500 fans
* June 18th in Los Angeles at the Staples Center drew 8,500 fans
* June 19th in Las Vegas for Money In the Bank drew 12,000 fans
* June 20th in Phoenix for RAW drew 10,000 fans

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter