More Details on the Paige – Alberto El Patron Incident, Witness Claims Cocaine Talk

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

As noted, there was a domestic incident between Paige and Alberto El Patron at the Orlando airport on Sunday after the two were seen arguing in a terminal. A woman, described as a huge wrestling fan, recorded the argument and you can hear her audio in the video above from TMZ. Alberto was not arrested but was being investigated by Orlando Police for a domestic violence incident. It was alleged by one witness that Alberto “roughed up” a female companion inside the airport.

Before the audio came out, Paige took to Twitter and blamed the incident on a woman who threw a drink on Alberto after asking for a photo. That woman spoke with and called the allegation “completely false.” The fan noted that Alberto “reeked” of alcohol as he chased after Paige inside the airport.

While arguing on the airport tram system, an emotional Paige reportedly screamed that Del Rio had been doing cocaine for “two days straight” and she called him abusive, according to the witness. The woman said, “They were arguing back and forth, screaming at each other.”

The woman, who lives in the Tampa area, was dropping her mother-in-law off at the airport when she saw Paige outside of a restaurant close to the entrance of a terminal. Paige looked “upset” while on the phone with someone, pacing back and forth with tears in her eyes. The woman admitted to discreetly trying to take photos of Paige as she walked and talked on the phone. Paige apparently noticed her and walked back into the restaurant as one of the four people at her table walked out, presumably to check and see if she was still there. Paige suddenly came storming back out of the restaurant “crying and yelling.” Alberto, who was visibly soaked in liquid, chased after her as she went to the nearby tram system.

The woman followed the argument and was one of the only people on the tram with the couple as their argument grew louder. “He was soaked and she was saying, ‘You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career,’” the woman said.

The couple continued their argument for a short while on the tram as Patron allegedly said, “Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers.”

That is when the witness pulled out her phone again and tried to record the argument, which is where the TMZ audio came from.

Paige did note on Twitter that she received some bad news about the health of her uncle on Sunday. The witness believes the argument started because Alberto said something negative about the uncle. The witness said, “From what I gather, he said something like, ‘I hope your fucking uncle dies tomorrow, and grabs her wrist because he was mad she was on the phone for so long. They wanted to leave, so he got mad and grabbed her wrist. She got upset and threw water on him and she ran out.”

After the audio stops, the woman said she stayed along with Paige and asked if she needed any assistance. She said airport police with a K-9 then stopped Alberto because they could smell alcohol on him.

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